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Commencez par une séance de corde à sauter ou de shadow boxing pour activer votre corps.

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Give your children the gift of fun, educational, and safe boxing classes. Join us today for a secure and enriching experience that parents trust.🥊💪🌟

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In our teens' boxing class, we instill self-defense skills and discipline while empowering your child to thrive. 🥊💪🌟



Elevate your fitness routine with our Cardio Boxing Burn class, where you'll torch calories, boost your stamina, and leave feeling energized and empowered. Join us and experience the thrill of a dynamic workout!


Train like a fighter and learn the art of combat. Build your skills, confidence, and discipline as you work towards mastering the techniques of the ring. Join us and unleash the fighter within you


Revitalize your mornings with our invigorating Morning Boxing Class at Ambition Gym. Energize your day, release stress, and kickstart your journey to greatness in just one session! 🌅🥊💪 #MorningTherapyWithAmbition



Discover the excitement of kickboxing at Ambition Gym! Our kickboxing classes offer a thrilling and effective way to get fit while boosting your confidence. 🥋 Join us and unleash your inner warrior today! 💪🥊


Elevate your strength and conditioning with our Circuit Class at Ambition Gym. Join us for a dynamic workout that combines resistance training, cardio, and functional movements to help you achieve your fitness goals. 🏋️‍♀️💪

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Commencez par une séance de corde à sauter ou de shadow boxing pour activer votre corps.


Enhance your fighting prowess with wrestling at Ambition Gym! Our wrestling classes will sharpen your skills and make you a more versatile fighter. 🤼‍♂️💪

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